Friday, 16 November 2012

The Power of Praying the Rosary

"When you pray 'Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now...', the Blessed Mother comes 
Instantly to your side to pray with you. And she does not come alone. She 
Brings angels with her. And not just one or two for she is the Queen of Angels, so choirs of angels come with her. And she and Jesus are joined at the heart and cannot be separated so she brings Jesus with her. And Jesus Cannot be separated from the Trinity so He brings the Father and the Holy Spirit with Him. And where the Holy Trinity is, all of creation is, and you are surrounded by such beauty and light as you cannot imagine in this life. Your Mother comes as Our Lady of Grace with her hands outstretched. Rays of Light emit from her hands piercing your body, healing you and filling you with graces. This is your inheritance which was poured out from the heart of Jesus on the Cross, when the centurion pierced His Heart with the spear, Into the only pure vessel ready to receive such graces at that time, Your Mother. Now as you pray the Rosary, or even just recite one Hail Mary, you Receive your portion of these graces...." 

Attributed to Fr. Gabriele Amorth

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