Friday, 3 August 2012

New Prayer Group!

We are delighted that a new Medjugorje Prayer Group has started up at St. John's Cathedral in Portsmouth. Judy Pellatt is the group leader and this is what she emailed us recently:

"Yesterday was our third meeting. Attendance is low but its about quality not quantity. I leave it entirely in Our Mother's hands as to who and how many turn up. We have a nice little room in our Discovery Centre, a little table to stand the statue on and a chair to balance the Cd player on and my material. Yesterday we prayed the sorrowful mysteries. I used two CDs ( one is the CD you sent, and the other is misteri di Rosario) for music at the start and the end. When the music is playing, I can turn the light out, leaving just the statue with a candle burning in front of it. I used previous messages as meditations for the mysteries. If I say so myself, it was very prayerful. The statue which was blessed by Our Lady at Ivan's apparition has a sense of 'presence'."

If you live nearby and would like to attend this prayer group the details are as follows: Tuesdays 11am in the Discovery Centre which is attached to St. John's Cathedral, Bishop Crispian Way, Portsmouth.